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Project Support

Project Support

by | Apr 26, 2019 |

The Project Support work group within Absolute Consulting is led by Industry Experts who possess management and engineering expertise. These experts are supported by skilled field professionals and together provide quality project management, oversight and support services to Clients in the energy industry.


Project support services offered by Absolute Consulting include:


  • Contract administration
  • Bonding evaluation
  • Risk analysis
  • Project management
  • Independent project audits and evaluations
  • Claims review and preparation
  • Labor relations and contract negotiations
  • Verification of code/spec compliance
  • Process investigation
  • Quality assurance
  • Nuclear regulatory compliance
  • Facility start-up
  • Warranty administration and preparation
  • O&M manual preparation
  • Government contract regulations
  • Security clearances
  • Owner’s representative
  • Change order administration
  • Extra work identification and evaluation
  • Value engineering

Contact one of our in-house experts to discuss your project support needs.


Billie Jo Parsons

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