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Procedure Project Management & Staffing

Procedure Project Management & Staffing

by | May 6, 2019 |

With a pre-defined project scope, Absolute Consulting offers staffing or staff augmentation services for project implementation, providing these value-added services on-site or remotely.


From an entire procedure upgrade project to providing additional staff support, we deliver trained, experienced procedure professionals who get the job done. Our level of staffing support can vary to meet the needs of each individual client and project:


Large Upgrade Projects


Whether the client requires a brand new P&P program or an update to an existing program, Absolute Consulting has the expertise to deploy an independent team to handle the entire workload of the project – allowing the client to focus on business operations. Our P&P teams are staffed with all personnel essential to completing an effective project, including an experienced project manager, technical writers and reviewers, technical editors, training staff and document administration personnel. At project commencement, we take the time to train each team member on the specifics of the project to ensure a smooth, on-time implementation of each project phase. For an example of an Absolute Consulting upgrade project, access the following link to read further about one of the milestones reached on the TVA Browns Ferry Procedure Upgrade Project.


Staff Augmentation


If the client has more P&P work than available personnel, Absolute Consulting can provide the additional experienced resources to handle overflow work, compress the project timeline, reduce backlog, or tackle a specific area of expertise.


Special Projects & Consulting


When a change in business presents the need to update a set of Policies and Procedures specifically for that modification, Absolute Consulting can provide the P&P expertise needed to complete these specialty projects on time and on budget. Additionally, our procedure professionals can provide individualized consulting expertise to explore our client’s needs or run parallel to internal P&P project progress.

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