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Procedure Course Student Testimonials

Procedure Course Student Testimonials

by | May 1, 2019 |

What are students saying about our PPA Certification Courses?

“The presentation was superb. The class was constantly engaged and having to think!”


“Great course. Highly recommend to anyone involved in procedure development.”


“Very interactive and brought out a number of issues for me to consider/incorporate in future revision activities.”


“Good explanation of Human Performance factors in procedure writing.”


“Our managers and leaders need to take this course.”


“…this training changed the way I approach the task of writing procedures.”


“Wish we had this training when we started our procedure project several months ago!”


“Lots of real life events helped reinforce all tools available to writers.”

“Some of the most relevant job training I’ve received.” 


For more information on the location and dates of our public courses, please follow the link to our Additional Procedure Course Information page. To register for a public Procedure Certification Course, visit our PPA Course Registration page.

Kevin Neal

Procedure Services