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by | Apr 26, 2019 |

Absolute Consulting provides professional consulting, contract and personnel placement services to the nuclear power industry. At Absolute Consulting, our Directors are experts in nuclear energy. They have an intimate understanding of the needs of our clients that allows us to offer unparalleled service to organizations in this sector. We put this experience to work by providing industry lessons learned, tailored, subject matter expert consulting and staffing services, as well as flexible, cost-effective solutions to meet Client needs. This is what makes Absolute Consulting the ideal partner for nuclear organizations and projects.

At Absolute Consulting, we understand the significance of having the right professional for each project and we are committed to deliver qualified, experienced Field Professionals and technical personnel.

Absolute Consulting delivers value-added, professional staffing support to the Nuclear Energy sector in the following disciplines:

  • Chemistry
  • Corrective Action Programs
  • Dry Cask Storage and Decommissioning
  • Emergency Planning
  • Engineering – All Disciplines
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Fire Protection/Appendix R
  • Hazardous Materials and Waste Control
  • Licensing
  • Management Controls
  • Material Development and Enhancement
  • Outage and Major Project Support
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Safety
  • Procedures
  • Procurement and Materials Management
  • Scheduling, Planning, Estimating, Costing
  • Records Management
  • Security
  • Start-Up Testing
  • Training
  • Work Control