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Nuclear Procedures

Nuclear Procedures

by | Apr 26, 2019 |

Absolute Consulting offers project management and implementation of Procedure Upgrade Projects and has performed these services concurrently at major U.S. nuclear facilities over the past decade. We deliver quality and experience in all disciplines including:

  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • RP/Chemistry

Absolute Consulting also offers individual project support, as well as procedure support through project teams consisting of the project manager, lead writers for operations and maintenance, senior writers and reviewers, editors and administrative support. We find a way to meet Client procedure needs through:

Unparalleled Procedure Support


  • Procedure assessments
  • Writer’s Guide development
  • Procedure review and approval process development
  • Procedure use and adherence process development
  • Administrative control procedure upgrades
  • Program implementation and technical procedure upgrades
  • Enforcement of quality excellence standards for procedures
  • Ensuring required document and records management processes are complete
  • Procedure sponsor support in the development and execution of Change Management Plans
  • Review of procedure revisions for technical adequacy, human performance challenges and consistency

Industry Working Group Participation


  • AP-907-001 Procedure Process Description
  • AP-907-005 Procedure Writer’s Guide
  • Qualified to provide Procedure Professional Association Writer’s Certification

For an example of a current Absolute Consulting Procedure Upgrade Project (PUP), access the following link to read further about one of the milestones reached on the TVA Browns Ferry Procedure Upgrade Project.

Contact one of our in-house experts to discuss your procedure needs.

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