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Nuclear Energy

Sustaining the Lifecycle

Absolute Consulting, Inc. is an experienced full-service engineering and consulting firm that supports the nuclear power industry. We sustain all aspects of the nuclear lifecycle from licensing, through design engineering, construction management, operations and support, to decommissioning.

Each nuclear asset presents its own unique set of complexities—and each asset demands rigorously safe and regulatorily compliant solutions. We assist clients in operating, modernizing, and expanding their plants. Whether operating an existing facility, planning for and building a next-generation plant, or decommissioning a legacy asset, Absolute Consulting has the experience to help clients meet their goals.

Our company brings over seventeen years of experience working in the complete nuclear asset lifecycle to our clients, with consultants who bring from 20-30 years of nuclear experience each to bear. Often managing a wide range of independent nuclear facilities and projects, our suite of services includes design & engineering, plant optimization, procurement, and commissioning, through to decontamination, decommissioning, and site closure.


The Absolute Consulting Advantage


  • More than 17 years in the Nuclear Industry
  • Understanding of Nuclear Power Plant issues
  • Technical knowledge and hands-on experience
  • Expertise in nuclear regulations and safety culture
  • Able to quickly deploy solutions for critical and emergent demands
  • Grasp of environmental regulations
  • SMEs in engineering design and cost control