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Absolute Consulting Offers Public PPA Certification Course

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  • Published: April 28, 2017
    Absolute Consulting is again offering a public PPA Certification Course this June, taught by Kevin Neal. The Procedure Professionals Association (PPA) “is the nuclear industry's collective voice and leader in procedure writing and processing. The association provides consistent and benchmarked guidance to commercial nuclear facilities and the Department of Energy's nuclear ancillaries.” This specialized certification course focuses on teaching and implementing industry-recognized standards for Procedure Writers across several different industries.
    Kevin Neal, Director of Procedure Services for Absolute Consulting, has extensive experience facilitating the PPA Certification Course. Kevin holds both a PPA Procedure Writer Certification and a PPA Instructor Certification. He has successfully taught multiple public courses, in addition to specialized courses for various utilities nationwide. His classes have been requested by clients in the nuclear, fossil, and transmission & distribution industries as well as the Department of Energy.
    Kevin brings over 20 years in the nuclear industry as a procedure writing consultant. Prior to joining Absolute Consulting, Kevin was the Operations Procedure Lead at a commercial nuclear plant. In this role, he led the procedure upgrade effort that included implementing Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs) which were upgraded to the current PWR Owners Group guidance. Kevin also served as the Procedures Supervisor at a Department of Energy facility supporting the development of over 700 procedures for the construction and startup of the facility.
    For more information on the public PPA Certification Course, please visit
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