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Director of Training Services Presents to WesTrain Nuclear Members

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  • Published: April 5, 2016
    On Thursday, April 7th, Kirk Kirkpatrick, Director of Training Services at Absolute Consulting, is making a presentation at WesTrain Nuclear that focuses on a unique method of preparing Initial License Candidates for their final Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Exams.  WesTrain Nuclear is an alliance of all of the nuclear training departments located within the NRC Region IV area of jurisdiction.

    Kirk believes that the overall success of any Initial Licensing Training Program goes beyond providing technical knowledge and skill. Understanding what the NRC considers essential knowledge and skill, and what the candidates should expect from the examination process, could make a difference in how the candidates prepare for the exam and increase their chances of individual success.

    In his presentation, Kirk points out that the NRC maintains a low tolerance for exam failures and that each facility invests a large financial and manpower stake in the success of each candidate in the Initial License Training Program.  Kirk poses the following question to the members of WesTrain Nuclear:

    “What if just ONE student—who appears likely to drop out of the program prior to the final exam, or who is severely challenged in passing the exam—when given proper direction on where to focus his/her attention, could actually remain in the program and pass the final exam?”

    For more information on Absolute Consulting’s Training Services, contact Kirk Kirkpatrick at
    Written by: Absolute Consulting

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