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Waterford 3 Celebrates 30 Years of Operation

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  • Published: November 16, 2015
    In September of 1985 the Waterford 3 Steam Electric Station, with a load of nuclear fuel, began commercial power operations in Killona, LA. Thirty years later, the plant continues to produce electricity and has been recognized by INPO as an industry leader for 14 years.

    Kirk Kirkpatrick, Absolute Consulting’s Director of Training Services, was present for the inevitable changes that the plant has undergone through the years. Starting as a new Entergy employee during the very first fuel load over thirty years ago, he has witnessed the progression of monitoring plant parameters using gargantuan computers that took up an entire room requiring heavy-duty cooling systems, to high-speed computers that can fit on a desktop. Conversely, the plant’s current design is still very close to the initial installation, which was a solid Combustion Engineering Nuclear Steam Electric Station.

    Waterford 3 is one of several plants amongst a variety of chemical plants and oil refineries in St. Charles Parish, LA. Kirk has seen the plant be a good neighbor to its community over the years through support of community projects and local businesses.

    “The nuclear industry has grown to be much more reliable and sophisticated over the past three decades, and I have witnessed, first-hand the people at Waterford 3 grow to meet the changing climate of higher demands and human performance standards,” Kirk states. “The plant has always been known for the dedication of its people and their ‘we can do this’ culture, which I feel is a major contributor to its safe and reliable operation for the past 30 years.”

    Sounds like you can count on this facility, and its new brand of people with the same supportive culture, to be here for another 30 years.


    Written by: Absolute Consulting
    Source: Kirk Kirkpatrick, Entergy retiree and Absolute Consulting employee
    No endorsement by Entergy is intended or implied by the posting of this article.

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