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  • Published: March 18, 2015

    Last week, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) hosted its 27th annual Regulatory Information Conference in Bethesda, Maryland. Each NRC Commissioner gave their remarks throughout the three-day event, including the Commission’s newest member, Jeff Baran. Though Baran has been on the job only 5 months, he has plenty of experience with NRC oversight as he served on the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee.

    In his speech, Baran expressed his desire to continue to build relationships with utility representatives and trade associations, as he did during his time on Capitol Hill. He also plans to resume his nuclear site visits to include Vogtle and V.C. Summer Nuclear Plants this spring.

    Most importantly, Baran mentioned several issues which will remain at the top of the Commission’s priority list. Firstly, the Commission plans to take a fresh look at decommissioning issues, mentioning that “regulation by exemption is inefficient for both the NRC and its licensees” with regards to the lack of regulations for permanently shut down plants. The Commission will continue to address post-Fukushima safety issues with FLEX mitigation equipment now present at many plants around the country, as well as cyber-security activities, mentioning that the group will consider whether fuel cycle facilities should also protect their digital systems and meet similar standards required by nuclear reactors. The Commission will persist in its efforts to review pending applications for new reactors as well as new technologies. Lastly, Baran called for a “renewed focus on enhancing our transparency and openness with Congress, stakeholders, and the broader public.”

    To view the speeches of all NRC Commissioners in their entirety, visit:

    Written by: Absolute Consulting
    Source: Nuclear Regulatory Commission


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