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  • Published: March 22, 2015

    Absolute Consulting is supporting the Procedure Upgrade Project (PUP) at TVA’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant and it is making great strides! We are incredibly proud of our entire team, including Absolute Consulting employee Chuck Mell, PUP Maintenance Lead. For a full update, Browns Ferry’s latest news article regarding the project is posted below:

    February 27, 2015

    With the completion of the Electrical Maintenance top ten procedure list on Feb. 12, the station has now completed all three maintenance top ten lists – improving the top ten “ugliest” procedures for all three shops.

    “Updating these procedures is a very complex process,” said Steve Brown, maintenance director. “I am proud of the collaboration between Maintenance personnel, Maintenance programs, management services, and the Procedure Upgrade Project.”

    The Procedure Upgrade Project (PUP) has been working with Maintenance since April 2014 to upgrade the top ten list procedures for all three maintenance disciplines, which totals more than 85 procedures.

    “For each procedure on the list, there are multiple procedures attached to it that need to be upgraded,” said Chuck Mell PUP maintenance lead. “Some procedures were also requested to be split, which increased the total number of procedures to be done. I am proud of the PUP team’s persistence to meet this milestone.”

    There are only two top ten lists left: Engineering and Operations, with the last list scheduled to be complete by May 2015.

    “It’s been a huge undertaking to upgrade these procedures,” said Gerry Doyle, EPU/PUP director. “Once the lists are complete there are still hundreds of procedures left to upgrade as part of the commitment to our workers.”

    Written by: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Corporate Communications
    Source: TVA Browns Ferry Nuclear News

    No endorsement by TVA is intended or implied by the posting of this article.


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