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  • Published: June 29, 2014

    During last week’s PPA Procedure Symposium, Absolute Consulting’s Nathan Rightmer, along with Adobe’s Kapil Verma, unveiled a new solution to execute procedures electronically using today's user friendly mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The industry’s current paper-based procedure environment is prone to several issues:

    - Human performance problems, especially regarding complex procedures
    - Difficulty managing multiple users executing a procedure
    - Limited task transparency and lack of effective real time monitoring during execution
    - Costs related to paper record keeping and audit trails

    Project Lapwing is a mobile procedure solution currently under development that would alleviate these industry procedure issues. Users would be able execute the procedure on their mobile device in a step-by-step manner with guided navigation and placekeeping. The mobile app would be able to handle scenarios such as branching, user input, overrides and even rule enforcement. Furthermore, several users, including a supervisor, could login from their own device and collaborate on procedure execution as well as generate an automated report for the supervisor to see all details of the procedure execution.

    If your organization may be interested in becoming a beta tester for this mobile procedure solution, contact Nathan Rightmer at

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