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  • Published: February 19, 2014

    Whether you are venturing into the contracting world for the first time, or are in the process of looking for your next contract position, your resume is the key to unlocking your next role. At Absolute Consulting, we have spent over 15 years helping our candidates develop a resume that truly showcases their skills. Through our experience we have noted several key components to developing a strong contracting resume; here are three important items to help anyone get started.

    • List your resume in chronological order. Hiring managers want to have a good understanding of the work you have performed most recently. Begin by listing your most recent position, along with your dates of employment, and continue to list your work history moving backwards through time.

    • Use keywords that decision makers will be searching for. If you have experience with a key computer program, piece of equipment, or special project that the manager will need, this must be listed in your resume. Never assume the manager will “just know” that you have the experience required for the position.

    • List both your employer and the plant or worksite. Listing your employer is important, but if you worked away from the corporate office, be sure to list the name of the plant or worksite at which you operated. The hiring manager may have spent time at that worksite themselves, or perhaps has a colleague with experience at that plant. This can create an immediate connection with the decision maker.

    Absolute Consulting’s highly trained recruiters would be happy to help you develop and format a strong resume. Contact our Recruiting Department at 850.939.8965.


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