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  • Published: February 6, 2013

    The Crystal River Nuclear Plant (CR3) located in Citrus County, FL will be retired and decommissioned. Announced on Feb. 5th, Progress Energy Florida, a subsidiary of Duke Energy, has decided the plant will not be brought back into service since it’s shutdown in late 2009.

     “We believe the decision to retire the nuclear plant is in the best overall interests of our customers, investors, the state of Florida and our company,” said Jim Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy. “This has been an arduous process of modeling, engineering, analysis and evaluation over many months. The decision was very difficult, but it is the right choice.”

    In 2009, the plant was originally shut down to undergo refueling as well as the replacement of its steam generators. During the steam generator replacement, a crack occurred in the out layer of the containment building. The high cost and risk of repairing the crack are contributing factors that lead to the decision to shut down CR3.

    To view original press release regarding Crystal River Nuclear Plant and its retirement, please go to:

    Written by:  Absolute Consulting
    Source: Duke Energy/Progress Energy Florida



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