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  • Published: November 26, 2012
    NOVEMBER 23, 2012 (Absolute Consulting, Inc.)
    The increasing need for focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in education will be one of the key topics at the upcoming Total Energy Conference in Houston November 27-29. STEM is an issue of increasing importance to the energy industry. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, the energy industry is in great need of workers with skills and capacity to meet the growing change; now and long-term. Employers searching for these skills, frequently find their talent pool woefully lacking.
    Recently, Total Energy USA interviewed Brian Kelly, Editor and Chief Content Officer of U.S. News & World Report about his leadership in the national STEM initiative. U.S. News launched a special project to examine why, at peaks of high unemployment, there were many jobs going unfilled. According to Kelley, “The answer, of course, was that American workers lack the necessary skills for those jobs. That growing gap {lack of skills} affects all industries, but it's particularly concentrated in the energy sector, where a technology revolution is creating an accelerated need for STEM-skilled workers in the process. This is, simply put, about filling jobs—and it's a problem that must be solved if we are to carry our global competitiveness into the future.”  
    In today’s climate, creative employment resources are necessary to find outstanding, skilled prospective employees. One resource available to match the best talent to employer needs is staff augmentation consultants. According to Rick Linton, President of Absolute Consulting, Inc., “Absolute Consulting is a premier provider of value-added consulting and staffing services to the energy sector. We have a proprietary database that contains the top energy talent in the world and that talent has the desired science, technology, engineering and math skills today’s employers want. We have been very successful in meeting our client’s project needs.” Companies like Absolute Consulting can lower overall costs related to identifying people for the hard to fill positions. Further, using companies to provide skilled employees on a temporary, short or long term and permanent placement basis, Absolute Consulting can act as the employer or assist the employer in finding the right candidates.

    Absolute Consulting, Inc. was established in 1997 to provide consulting and staffing services to the energy industry. Today, Absolute Consulting serves Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Fossil, Renewable and Transmission & Distribution companies. Learn more about Absolute Consulting at or find us at Total Energy USA 2012 Expo.

    Total Energy USA will bring together professionals from across the energy spectrum, including experts in fossil, renewable and nuclear power generation, distribution, energy efficiency and use, policymakers, strategists, media and more. Event details, educational sessions, participating exhibitors are available on the event’s website,


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