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Levels of Service

Levels of Service

by | Apr 23, 2019 |

Absolute Consulting has provided value-added consulting and staffing services to the nuclear energy sector for more than a decade. Our company in-house experts provide a unique blend of specialty consulting and staff augmentation services for:


  • Assessments
  • Writer’s Guide development
  • Procedure review and approval process development
  • Procedure use and adherence process development
  • Administrative control procedure upgrades
  • Program implementation
  • Technical procedure upgrades


  • Analysis of specific jobs and tasks
  • Root cause and other diagnostic investigations
  • Training and exam materials development
  • Procedure use and adherence process development
  • Classroom, laboratory and simulator instruction for all station disciplines


  • Recommend appropriate cask technology designers and manufacturers capable of performing field installation
  • Provide license termination and reduction plan implementation
  • In-house experts provide safe, efficient, cost-effective solutions for Client’s dry cask and decommissioning challenges


  • Event investigation
  • Root cause evaluation
  • Significance review
  • Evaluation and response


  • Maintaining the licensing basis
  • 10CFR50.59, 10CFR72.48 evaluations
  • Response to regulators and response tracking
  • Condition report evaluation and response
  • Improved tech spec procedure changes
  • Risk managed tech programs and procedures