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Absolute Consulting was established in 1997 by Rick and Cyndy Linton to provide technical staff augmentation and consulting services to organizations in the nuclear industry. Today, the company continues to attract top-notch consultants and professionals in the energy industry and has expanded its suite of services to include Fossil Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Government Services, Biotechnology and Aerospace markets.


In the early years, the company supported nuclear clients mainly located in the Northeast and Midwest United States. As its client base grew, the company expanded its list of services to meet client needs, and began to expand geographically to include nuclear stations as far west as California and south down to South Texas. Absolute Consulting’s commitment to exceptional service is evidenced by long term client relationships. In fact, the company still serves its very first client.


Absolute Consulting had a record breaking year in 2002, receiving its first multi-million dollar procedure services contract. By 2003, its client list hit the mark of 20 for the first time.


The following year presented unique challenges when Category 4, Hurricane Ivan devastated Navarre, Florida, home of the corporate office. The storm affected a 100-mile area, including local infrastructures. Despite the difficult working conditions of being displaced by the storm, Absolute Consulting continued its service to its clients and field professionals, which included paying all of its employees as scheduled. The company continues to maintain a corporate emergency preparedness plan to this day in order to ensure dependable service to its clients. Absolute Consulting is driven by the motto, “We find a way!”


In 2005, the company expanded its corporate office and infrastructure to keep pace with the company’s growth. In October 2006, Absolute Consulting began work on its first international assignment in the United Kingdom.

Celebrating 10 Years

The company marked its 10th anniversary in 2007 with an honor from the Chamber of Commerce and later won a major, multi-year, multi-site procedure upgrade project.


Growth continued for Absolute Consulting and by January 2008, the company had hundreds of field professionals assigned in different regions across the United States. In June, Absolute Consulting was the proud recipient of the 2007 Top Supplier of the Year Award during the 3rd Annual Guidant Group Supplier Conference.


In 2008, Absolute Consulting became a Business Member of American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and supported its first Renewable Energy client for a wind ranch in New Mexico.

The Growth Continues

In 2010, the company expanded its primary services to include Fossil Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Oil and Gas, and Renewable Energy companies. By 2011, the company had enlarged its corporate headquarters yet again to meet the demands of those new energy clients.


2013 and 2014 were key years for improving corporate infrastructure to include the implementation of new key software programs which improved company efficiency and communication, adding value for customers and field professionals. Absolute Consulting also used those years to expand its customer base to include a Regional Transmission Organization, a Biotechnology firm, and the Aerospace market. The company also introduced new lines of service to include providing procedure writer training courses and making great strides toward Government Services. The future is looking bright at Absolute Consulting!



  • Company was founded by Rick and Cyndy Linton in October to provide technical service, staff augmentation and consulting to the nuclear industry.


  • Absolute Consulting added two northeastern nuclear stations to its client list.


  • Implemented a Centralized Measuring & Test Equipment program and provided a Procedure Manager at nuclear stations in the Midwest.


  • Provided Project Management to implement “NRC style” Conduct of Operations and Conduct of Maintenance at a Department of Energy facility.
  • Performed Conduct of Operations assessment at a Department of Defense Chemical Demilitarization Facility.
  • Drafted a consolidated Writer’s Guide for New York State PWR plant.
  • Provided a senior procedure consultant for research and review, as well as procedure writers for a Texas nuclear plant’s I&C Procedure Improvement effort.


  • Provided Project Management and Field Engineering support to an Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle project.
  • Completed fixed-price Emergency Operating Procedure (EOP) upgrades to Westinghouse Emergency Response Guidelines Rev. 1C at two northeastern nuclear stations.
  • Consolidated four departmental Writer’s Guides and streamlined procedure processes at a Texas nuclear plant.


  • Received its first multi-million dollar procedure services contract.
  • Performed control room oversight at the start-up of a new gas turbine facility.


  • Implemented a Corrective Action Program software upgrade for a government enrichment corporation.
  • Absolute Consulting provided consulting services for the creation of a system-wide Administrative Control Procedure Hierarchy for major utility company.


  • Category 4 Hurricane Ivan made landfall in Navarre, FL causing major damage in a 100-mile area. In spite of devastation to local infrastructure, Absolute Consulting completed payroll on schedule.
  • Provided management support to a Massachusetts nuclear decommissioning effort.
  • Performed the nuclear industry’s first Westinghouse EOP Rev 2 upgrade.


  • Company moved into new corporate office space.


  • Work began on the first International assignment (United Kingdom).


  • Absolute Consulting celebrated its first decade of service!
  • The company was honored by the local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Absolute Consulting wins a large, multi-year, multi-site Procedure Upgrade Project.


  • Received 2007 Top Supplier of the Year Award at the 3rd Annual Guidant Group Supplier Conference.
  • New corporate headquarters expansion was completed.


  • Received 2008 Top Supplier for Annual Spend Award at 4th Annual Guidant Group Supplier Conference.
  • Won a Procedure Upgrade Project at a nuclear plant in Arizona involving approximately 2400 procedures.


  • Created a specialized internal corporate team to service Fossil Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy clients.


  • Additional corporate office expansion was completed.
  • Absolute Consulting was presented with the local Santa Rosa County Industry Expansion Award.
  • Absolute Consulting won a Procedure Upgrade Project at a nuclear plant in South Carolina.


  • Won a nuclear plant Training Upgrade Project.
  • Provided direct recruiting support to an Israeli-based combined-cycle power project.
  • Supported the new construction of a Canadian Wind Farm.
  • Absolute Consulting was recognized as an Inc. 5000 company.


  • Began providing corporate administrative and IT staffing support for a municipally-owned public utility in central Florida.
  • Performed a Procedure Assessment for a Regional Transmission Organization which led to additional procedure support.
  • Began work on a Procedure Optimization Project at a nuclear plant in Kansas.
  • Won a contract to begin fleet-wide Fukushima response upgrades.
  • The company implemented a new internal Customer Relationship Management system which allows all Absolute Consulting departments to communicate automatically and brought vast improvements and efficiencies throughout the company.


  • Absolute Consulting began offering PPA Procedure Certification courses to private clients as well as open public courses.
  • Performed a procedure assessment for a biotechnology company which has led to additional support to provide a Writer’s Guide, User’s Guide and additional procedure training.
  • Provided international direct placement recruiting services to a gas utility firm in Dubai.
  • Began providing staffing support for a local Aerospace and Engineering firm.
  • Absolute Consulting implemented a new HR Benefits software system.


  • The company increased employee benefits to include a group medical plan.
  • Absolute Consulting expanded its business offerings by launching the Government Services Directorate, dedicated to providing Engineering services to federal, state and local government agencies.
  • The Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Procedure Upgrade Project, supported by Absolute Consulting, reaches a major milestone.