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Fossil Generation

Fossil Generation

by | Apr 29, 2019 |

Absolute Consulting understands the demand for highly skilled professionals experienced in the Fossil Fuel energy sector. While coal is likely to remain one of the nation’s lowest cost energy fuel sources, the requirements for improved coal-based power generation technologies continue to increase. It is vital for electric utilities and utility contractors to have experienced technical personnel to support their project needs when and where they need them. Absolute Consulting has a proven track record of delivering energy experts for Fossil Generation projects, enabling our Clients to save time and money.

Whether your project needs involve new build construction, retrofitting new technologies to existing fleet, planned/forced outage maintenance or technical support, Absolute Consulting delivers the right professionals. Our proven ability to offer temporary staffing, permanent placement and consulting services, as well as flexible, creative, cost-effective solutions makes Absolute Consulting a valuable resource partner.
Absolute Consulting delivers value added professional staffing support to the Fossil Fuel energy sector in the following disciplines:

Temporary Staffing

  • Scheduling, Estimating, Costing
  • Project/Site Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Owner’s Representative
  • Engineering – All Disciplines
  • Designer – All Disciplines
  • QA/QC
  • Safety Manager
  • Safety Personnel
  • Project Controls
  • Scheduling, Estimating, Costing
  • Coordinator – All Disciplines
  • Performance Personnel
  • I&C Technician
  • Administrative Support

Consulting Services

  • Project Management
  • Project Controls
  • Procedure Development/Upgrade

Projects Supported

  • Environmental Retrofit
  • New Build
  • Plant Retrofit
  • Planned Outage
  • Engineering and Design
  • Special Projects
  • Equipment Performance Upgrade


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