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Engineering Project & Services

Engineering Project & Services

by | Apr 29, 2019 |

Whether our client requires individual skilled resources, Subject Matter Experts, or an entire team of professionals, Absolute Consulting can provide the solution. We have successfully provided engineering services at utilities across the nation supporting major projects, including:

  • Fukushima Response Activities
  • Extended Power Uprate (EPU)
  • License Renewal
  • Design Basis Review
  • Preventive Maintenance Optimization


Several examples of Absolute Consulting’s full suite of Engineering Services include:


  • Generation and review of engineering design packages, change requests, and closure packages
  • Engineering work request development to support line organizations
  • Procurement engineering to generate specifications, expedite, and receive materials to site
  • Preparation of engineering calculations, evaluations, drawings & specifications
  • Engineering Training development and delivery, oversight/assessment of engineering training and qualification programs


Owner’s Oversight:

  • Owner’s engineering for major capital projects – all disciplines
  • Client oversight of subcontractors to ensure technical attributes, standards and milestones are met
  • Owners’ acceptance reviews of vendor calculations, drawings, and specifications


Field Support:

  • Constructability reviews, construction oversight/support, and field resolution of engineering design errors through the appropriate process
  • Coordination and/or performance of as-built walkdown and punchlist closeout for system turnover to start up

Contact our Engineering Services expert below to discuss your specific needs.