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Understanding the demand, Engineering the solutions

Worldwide demand on the existing energy market continues to grow at astronomical rates. This places a great demand on our existing energy infrastructure and necessitates major upgrades and expansion projects to the existing energy base. The development of new technologies in the energy sector is critical to the continued growth to its ability to support energy clients.


Absolute Consulting, Inc. is a preferred partner for worldwide power and utility companies, as well as for private companies and public institutions who target cost-effective, efficient, high-quality solutions in a vast range of energy projects. From standard power generation to wind and solar energy projects, from oil & gas to transmission & distribution, we support pilot facilities, greenfield plants, and associated infrastructure, as well as assist our clients in expanding capacity or extend the lives of existing assets and plants.


Our command of the regulatory environment that our clients operate in means that we can help plan long-term solutions that meet their business needs and priorities. Absolute Consulting has the proven experience, personnel reach, and technical skills to help clients expand their production, bring new plants online, improve safety and efficiency measures, and implement renewable energy programs.