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Dry Cask Storage & Decommissioning

Dry Cask Storage & Decommissioning

by | Apr 26, 2019 |

Absolute Consulting employs experienced, technical experts qualified in the main three segments of decommissioning. These areas of expertise are decommissioning preparedness and project development, implementation and site closure.


Dry cask storage and decommissioning is one of the major services offered by Absolute Consulting. We can recommend appropriate cask technology designers and manufacturers capable of performing field installation and provide license termination and implementing reduction plans. Absolute Consulting provides safe, efficient, cost-effective solutions to its clients’ dry cask and decommissioning challenges.


Absolute Consulting value-added dry cask and decommissioning services include:

  • Development and management of procedures, programs and policies for dry fuel storage projects
  • Engineering, scheduling and project management for dry fuel storage projects
  • Development of a cask handling guide for EPRI
  • Pre-operational assessment and readiness review
  • Fuel inspection and characterization
  • Procedure development, review, validation and training
  • Design, manufacturing, construction and engineering oversight and surveillance
  • Development of mitigation and contingency planning
  • Ancillary equipment identification set-up, testing and operations
  • 10CFR 72.212 evaluations
  • 10CFR 72.48 determinations
  • 10CFR 71&72 program development and implementation
  • License termination and reduction plans
  • Waste characterization for domestic and international projects
  • Canister loading operations


Contact one of our in-house experts to discuss your dry cask storage and decommissioning needs.