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Reaching New Heights

Absolute Consulting, Inc. is a premier provider of engineering professionals in the Aerospace industry. Our consultant staff is well versed in engineering support in the areas of electrical, mechanical, civil and structural discipline needs and are knowledgeable in FAA or military aviation in the areas of aircraft systems, design, field support as well as technical publications. Our technical capabilities cover a wide range of projects such as modification, repair, overhaul, design, manufacturing and sustainment.

Absolute Consulting, Inc. understands the unique engineering requirements of the Aerospace industry. Our engineering experts provide high value services and solutions that meet the safety requirements and objectives of the mission.


Our services include:


  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Components & System Overhaul/Repair
  • Mechanical and Electrical System Designs
  • Program Management Support
  • System Testing Design and Support
  • Contract Field Team (CFT) Support
  • Aviation Logistics
  • Depot/MRO