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Absolute Consulting to Attend 29th Annual Procedure Symposium

by | Jun 12, 2017 | 2017 News, News | 0 comments


Absolute Consulting is preparing to attend the 29th Annual Procedure Symposium held in sunny Clearwater Beach, Florida. The Procedure Professionals Association (PPA) is “the nuclear industry’s collective voice and leader in procedure writing and processing. The association provides consistent and benchmarked guidance to commercial nuclear facilities and the Department of Energy’s nuclear ancillaries.” The goal of the annual meeting is to provide an opportunity for industry members to network, share information, and discuss lessons learned through authentic experiences.   

This year’s symposium includes sessions ranging from standards and processes to discipline-specific topics and will also feature keynote speakers. Absolute Consulting’s own Dave Linders will be presenting on Procedure Upgrades while Kevin Neal will be sharing his expertise on Template Demos.  

In addition to their Gold Sponsorship, Absolute Consulting is proud to have a PPA Certified Instructor as part of their in-house staff. Kevin Neal, Director of Procedure Services for Absolute Consulting, has extensive experience facilitating the PPA Certification Course. Kevin holds both a PPA Procedure Writer Certification and a PPA Instructor Certification. His classes have been requested by clients in the nuclear, fossil, and transmission & distribution industries as well as the Department of Energy.

If you’re attending this year’s Procedure Symposium, we’d love to connect! Additionally, please contact us if you are interested in our offering of public and on-site PPA Certification courses.

Source: Absolute Consulting and Procedure Professionals Association



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