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About Us

About Us

by | Apr 29, 2019 |

Leader in Technical Solutions

Absolute Consulting was established in 1997 to provide technical consulting and staffing solutions to organizations in the nuclear power industry. Today, we are a leading supplier of technical experts and professional personnel for companies involved in a variety of industries including Nuclear Energy, Fossil Generation, Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, and Transmission and Distribution. 

At Absolute Consulting, we connect with our clients and deliver management and technical solutions to the energy sector. We supply professionals for local, national, and international assignments with expertise to meet the needs of our clients.

The professionals behind Absolute Consulting have extensive knowledge and experience in highly technical industries. They have unique training and backgrounds that make them capable of identifying the most suitable candidates for specific positions as required by our clients. This is what makes Absolute Consulting the absolute choice for your energy services partner.

At Absolute Consulting, our Value Proposition is our process, The Absolute Way

Absolute Consulting provides project and assignment support to Clients and assigned Field Professionals through our Directors and in-house energy experts. This proven, value-added support gets the job done right…the first time.

The Absolute Way is a collaborative approach to delivering the right technical expertise to ensure our Client’s success. Our uniquely qualified Directors and in-house energy experts perform assessments, assist Clients in defining project scopes and oversee successful management of the project. For staffing assignments, our Directors evaluate requirements and work with the Client to select the best talent available. After our Field Professionals are assigned, the Directors continue to monitor performance and provide guidance through coordinated communication with the Client and Field Professional. This process has proven to be a success path for Client projects and staffing requirements. It is the Absolute Way!

Code of Ethics

The company’s Code of Ethics values both the clients we serve and the professionals we hire. The Code provides the proper guidance on the positive behaviors and principles employees are expected to follow to ensure quality performance in all aspects of their work.

Code of Ethics: Absolute Consulting’s Code-of-Ethics defines core principles for decision making and performing work on a daily basis. Download PDF »